Fans of Fairness and especially small to medium sized business will absolutely love what is being put together by the amazing team at Aussie Digital!

Aussie Digital are the brains and brawn behind an exciting new, crypto based opportunity that has the power and potential to literally help millions of people across the world across several different functions!

Based out of Brisbane, Australia, the Aussie Digital team is made up of a huge variety of dynamic people coming from right across the spectrum when it comes to previous professions, ages, cultures and nationalities. Their diverse experience and knowledge have led them together and enabled them to structure a powerhouse of an idea that once comes to full fruition and worldwide integration, will change the ecommerce landscape once and for all!

The absolute highlight and engine room of the Aussie Digital Ecosystem offer is a platform called TRADEZY.

TRADEZY is an E-Commerce platform styled in a similar format to what eBay and Amazon have achieved so much success with. Certainly, different enough to be different, but overall, we must agree that you don’t have to fix a platform that isn’t broken…so why do it!

Well, herein lies that answer…

These big players such as Amazon, eBay and even Shopify started out great. They were accessible, cheap to operate, were mutually beneficial to work with you didn’t have to jump through an insane number of hoops to take part.

That seems to have all changed now…

As the traditional shopping format of bricks and mortar stores continues to reduce and dare I say it, even die out, e-commerce is rapidly on the rise. This dramatic rise has led to further use and of course global domination of the big 3 listed above.

And, also of course, as these powerhouses get bigger and bigger and richer and richer, you would think they would be happy! But oh no, as the saying goes “Greed if good!” and these big corporations have certainly gotten greedy.

It now takes so much more to sign up, participate and even getting approved is quite the challenge. And if you are small, then it is even harder!

TRADEZY aims to stop all that and give small to medium sized business a chance to play with the big boys. A chance to seek out and share better deals, utilize greater buying power and be able to advertise and communicate their products and offers like never before.

Just some of the brilliant features behind TRADEZY are:

· Familiar, simple and easy site/store builder to get your products in the eyes of your customers

· The ability to transact with both Cryptocurrency AND Fiat

· Access to the B2B Trading Platform — creates massive buying power!

· An internal Social Media platform with the ability to import all your contacts from your original Social Media platforms

· A super cool rewards program built in for greater customer satisfaction and engagement

· An excellent internal advertising program allowing you greater and easier access to qualified customers

And let me tell you, TRADEZY is just one part of the whole Aussie Digital Ecosystem with its own Trading Exchange also coming soon — TRADEDO!

All in all, there is a lot to be excited about as we progress through the Aussie Digital Roadmap and Whitepaper.

The power behind the whole Aussie Digital Ecosystem is the Aussie Digital Coin — AUD — and its upcoming ICO, (Initial Coin Offering) and Crowd Sale.

Certainly, there are countless ICOs on the internet and so many new coins all laying claim to be the next globally recognized currency, outperforming all Crypto and Fiat Currency. The fact is there is no use for most of these coins and this is our prime difference — our coins WILL HAVE VALUE AND UTILITY!

The end goal is to establish an ecosystem of supporting services that will accept our coins, enabling our users to pay for Goods and Services without leaving the platform.

We want these coins to carry on circulating through the Ecosystem, progressively raising in value as an increasing number of consumers find out the advantages our Coins have to offer. With the extra advantage of lower platform fees, we feel that this is more than achievable.

With all our services accepting the coins and a viewpoint of keeping it simple “to improve new user uptake” we have a legitimate chance of making a big impact on how people see Cryptocurrency. This is the reason why we say our coins will certainly have REAL value and with the help of our Community will continue to increase in value.

The Aussie Digital Ecosystem has its home in Australia but will be taking on the world, enabling business owners across the globe, the best opportunity to sell and distribute their products.

As an ICO, those that see the value in investing in Aussie Digital also stand to profit from their support.

And lets not forget our marketers and affiliates who all stand to significantly earn from their undying support of this sensational new platform by way of substantial “Earndrop” rewards.

All in all, from whatever angle you look at it, Aussie Digital and its AUD coin is here to disrupt the eCommerce industry and those that support and ultimately use it will succeed in all their efforts going forward!











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