Here's another nice little airdrop I have chosen to have a crack at!
As we all know, there are literally thousands upon thousands of airdrops – most are absolute rubbish!
For some, its just a case of looking at the projects and seeing if you believe they will (one day) amount to something.
I do like the look of Cadinex so I thought it worth a go – if you want to join me, then simply click here or the image at the bottom to start the bot!

What Does It Pay?

This is a pretty simple airdrop with limited tasks and upon completion, pays 1500 CDN with a reported value of $97.50.
You will need TELEGRAM and TWITTER for the CadinEx Airdrop
I would rate this airdrop as EASY.

Here's what Cadinex is briefly about…

What is CadinEx

 Cadin Exchange (CADINEX) is a revolutionary blockchain based decentralized network which with one vision of taking cryptocurrency into mainstream by erecting a standard secured medium.
Cryptocurrency and fiats are channeled through one another without the need for trust or third-party interference between users. This is done by providing a set of secure line of network such as a secured escrowed P2P Bitcoin marketplace where anyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily and safely with the use of their convenient payment method (Cadin Exchange) and introducing payment system (CadinPay.)
CadinPay will be consumerizing cryptocurrencies by enabling their use online through a virtual reloadable card and in retail Point of Sale (POS) through a mobile app and contactless payment card and offering of an AI-based Instant Credit system (CadinCredit).

Click Below To Start The Cadinex Airdrop!

Cadinex Airdrop


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