In this new world of money, many people know that FOREX trading is an exciting way to make money online – and it can be GREAT money too! The FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) is the biggest and most actively traded market in the world with a daily trading volume of over 5 TRILLION dollars! Yes, I said TRILLION and DAILY!

So how can you get a piece of this action???

The problem is that it is HARD to understand – for both newbies and even experienced people!

And… it is very EASY to lose money if you don’t know what you are doing and those two reasons are the exact two reasons why I never entered the market despite knowing how lucrative it is!

That was until now…

Look, I do alright crypto trading myself and have a decent handle on it. I am also involved as a foundation member in our very own crypto coin. I also work in the affiliate marketing sector and eCommerce too so have a nice area of expertise in online money making.

But FOREX! No way, no how. I probably could learn it but don’t have the time (and maybe not even the smarts to do it successfully!) so thought it best to leverage off the efforts, skills, experience and know how of others!

Now if you go searching online for Forex managers and programs…good luck and probably say goodbye to your money for the huge majority of results you might get! Sadly, there are so many scams out there with so many of them “telling’ you they are trading with your money – but sadly they are not and will end up running away with your cash.

Again, that’s another reason why I didn’t go that way.

I have however, been doing my own research on the PAMM model.

This post could get long so if you know what I’m talking about and are interested in going straight to the very best, 100% automated, high quality conservative yet profitable PAMM strategy I have found after months of watching and researching that is KILLING IT then just click below. No MLM or crazy comp plans, you hold your money at all times and no one can take it or touch it. Plus, ALL trades are visible and also backed up with MyFXbook!

Here’s the direct link to the strategy…

That link will take you directly to the PureMarket account sign up page. Once you get there create your account. Then, for the rest of the instructions on EXACTLY how to link up to the strategy, just click below for a super easy walk through.

UZI Forex Strategy Set Up Guide

Ok, back to MY story with entering the FOREX markets!

PAMM stands for Percent Allocation Management Module. Basically it is where you can “add your own money” to a “pot” used for trading, and the trading is controlled by a specific trader or group of traders. Of course there is a little more to it but in other words, it’s like having a very successful trader mate or friend, who gives you the trades they are making so you can also do the same.

Taking that one step further, highly successful traders can also have their methods and strategies elevated to crazy levels of success through a combination of software algorithms and bot trading. This is where the UZI strategy comes in!

Over the years, my once a stranger, then Facebook contact and now happy to call friend, Robbie Issa has been not only honing his trading skills on the FOREX markets but also working to automate the process, providing skills and trades at a far greater speed, accuracy and consistency than he ever thought possible! Out of this experience, UZI, his latest update, was born and watching it come out and see it in action is what motivated me to finally pull the trigger and officially join his PAMM!

And it’s SO EASY to get started!

Like I said, I am a complete FOREX Trading newbie! Yet I really wanted to get in on the action. I’ve been watching Robbie all year just waiting to see if I could get involved and I’m kicking myself that it took so long. All good though, as I’m in now and have started the journey.

I like the UZI strategy as it is FULLY AUTOMATED. All I had to do was create and fund my account and link it to UZI. More info on exactly how to do that here => UZI Set Up

I don’t have to copy signals or do the trades myself and I don’t have to turn a bot on and off – a big red flag that has been seen in some of the many scams out there.

And that was it! Once my funds had cleared and I had linked them to UZI, the trades started happening on my behalf and they were all there visible for anyone to see in my Pure Market dashboard – amazing! And FINALLY the TRANSPARENCY I had been searching for!

Again, in easy to explain terms, the UZI software blasts up to around 100 trades a day – sometimes less, sometimes more! The whole strategy is based around lots of small profits on lots of trades and then compounding the pot. This allows significant profit building in combination with conservative trading so that risk is as low as possible. With Stop Loss built in, it as as reliable and safe as any I have seen over the last 12 months of researching.

As I wrap up this far-too-long post 😉 I just can’t stress to anyone new (or experienced to be honest) just how easy it was to enter into the FOREX industry. Despite my lack of intimate knowledge, I was able to:

Set up an account with Pure Market
Complete and have my KYC approved in LESS than 1 hour (Uploaded my driver license and phone bill)
Deposit funds into my account
Link to the UZI strategy
Start Automated Trading!

A PAMM FOREX system combined with Robbie’s UZI strategy works best utilizing the 8th Wonder of the World – Compound Interest!
Although quick time, fast money CAN be made in FOREX, this is NOT that vehicle. Fast FOREX money is often at VERY HIGH RISK or is just a scam.
The UZI strategy CAN definitely make some nice money but it’s not a Get Rich Quick Scheme!
The UZI strategy is a 100% legitimate method of PROVEN ACTUAL TRADING that builds up faster and faster as you go and compound.
Of course, withdrawals are available at any time – it’s your account, your money and YOU are in control of it.

A great starting investment point to really get up and running is around the $1000 mark. However, you can start with ANY amount, even $100 and just keep building it up until you are happy with your trading balance. Your profits come from a direct breakdown of the % of your money that is in the pot.
Unless you withdraw, your daily returns go straight into your investment pot, making the next days pot bigger. And so on and so on!

The way I am looking at my investment is to continue to add to my Trading Balance until I am happy with the number. Then it is a simple case of setting it and forgetting it and watching the balance grow – as well as my daily trading returns!
If I really need some extra cash then I might withdraw some however the plan is just to keep consolidating my returns, increasing my trading balance and like Albert says above – enjoying the power of Compound Interest.
I’ve always said, Time will continue to trickle on…and I know that following this strategy for a year or two and even more will result in my absolute best chance of accumulating wealth than pretty much ALL my other online ventures and that’s pretty damn exciting!

So if you’ve got this far, I hope you too are excited at the prospects of
1) finally joining the lucrative FOREX market or
2) Finally joining a winning strategy to build wealth over time!

As I have mentioned above, this is SO EASY to get started. If you like what you’ve read and are as excited as I am at finally changing things in the future then you just have to make that crucial decision to get started. I waited 8 months to get in and in hindsight am kicking myself!

To enter the FOREX markets with this UZI strategy is the easiest and best thing you can do right now for a brighter financial future but reading and taking no action will change NOTHING

Use this link to go DIRECTLY to the Pure Market sign-up page…

And go to this page for the full easy set up guide – Recommended 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you succeed and excited for the future!
Cam Abel

Boring, Unlikely But Ultimately Necessary Disclaimer Below 😉

Of course this IS the FOREX market and like ANY INVESTMENT, money can be lost – it would be ridiculous to think there is ZERO chance of loss. That being said, I am NOT a gambler and DON’T have money to throw away so I am more than confident with my money in this system!


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