📢📢Who Uses Animoto for Making Videos?📢📢

I first started using it a while back in 2011 then let it lapse to do other things – bad mistake! I reckon I spent most of that time not using Animoto, complaining to myself about why I didn't have it and wasn't using it! At the time, it came down to cost but I quickly realized that no matter what type of free or low cost option I tried, nothing came close to what I was doing with Animoto. And that was then! Now, it is even better with more options, more templates and more features.

Lol, My very first Animoto video! Things have changed since then!

I even had the opportunity to use and try out Viddyoze for a while and although it makes some cool intro styled videos, I found it WAY too restrictive for what I was trying to do.

Since getting Animoto back about 6 weeks or so ago, I've got right back into making videos and I really do find it the best out there when it comes to being easy to use but yet also has loads of features and tools.

These days, Animoto is geared for whatever use or niche you could want. Different size and shaped videos for different platforms is now a feature and there are so many ways to format and display your text as well.

You have the opportunity to utilize tracks from their vast music library and you can also use them to monetize your videos depending on your membership level. And the way that Animoto automatically adjusts your slides to the amount of text on the slide and the tempo of the music is brilliant (and scored me a heap more “production points” when I used it to make a video for an assessment I needed for my diploma!) 😉

Needing images is no longer a problem either as Animoto now offer the chance to choose from over 1,00,000 images through their partnership with Getty Images.

💯Primarily I use it for my online work, however I have also used it to make cool family end of year summary videos which look great. The sheer ease of putting all my photos and video I have taken of my kids and wife over the year together is amazing and when I send that video out to friends and family, it's always well received and far better than a letter etc. I also have used it for special projects at my day job which always get great reviews and comments – peeps think I'm far more talented than I am!

As always here on GenuineOnlineSuccess.com, I ONLY promote the tools and opportunities I PERSONALLY USE.
I've made loads of videos in my time with several different video creators but my best videos have always been created with Animoto – check them out today and see how yours can be better too!
Good luck with it all!
Cam Abel

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