OK then! I absolutely LOVE action takers and here you are so well done!

You’ve probably already seen my post on how you Can Get Your Share of FOREX Profits and are here for the easy as walk through on how to get started.
If you haven’t read it yet and would like more info just click on the link above!

Otherwise, let’s continue!

Like I said many times, this is a super easy way to get yourself into the highly lucrative FOREX markets with a super profitable yet also super conservative, low risk, wealth compounding strategy!

As detailed in the post here, its a PAMM, automated trading software strategy where YOU are in total control of your MONEY – not sent to someone else for “safe keeping and trading ;)”, not signals you have to copy and implement, you can see ALL the TRADES being made on your behalf, in this fully automated system called UZI!

Here is how easy it is to get started – even if you have ZERO experience or knowledge with the FOREX industry!

Open up a new PURE MARKET account here=> PURE MARKET SIGN UP

On the sign up page, ensure you select Investment PAMM 1:200 account type

After you confirm you email address, you can log in!
Now it’s time to fill in your Know Your Customer (KYC) details for your REAL trading account!

You will see this part of the screen, click on the Files tab…

When that opens up, click the UPLOAD FILE and this box will appear…

From the Drop Down box, choose whatever documents you wish to upload to verify your name and address. I used my Australian Drivers license and my Phone bill and was fully verified within just 1 hour!

Once you are verified you will be able to make a deposit into your Investment Wallet. You have the following options to choose from to fund your account:

Waiting for the money to arrive in your account will always feel like the longest time! 🙂

Once your KYC and wallet is verified and you have made a deposit to your account it is then time to link up with the UZI Strategy!

Click the Investments drop down arrow and then click My investments…

Click the Find A Strategy button and the above box will appear. Type in TWRFX in the search box to find UZI! Click on it when it comes up.

When you arrive at this screen, you then click the Invest button to link your trading balance to the UZI strategy. It’s simply a case of typing in how much of your trading balance you wish to invest, then entering 1 in the Stop Loss box.
Hit the Invest button to confirm!

That is LITERALLY it my friend!
Now all you have to do is wait for the next “sweep” where all invested money is added to the UZI pot and you will be on your way and your money is now WORKING FOR YOU!

But wait! There’s more!

Yep, that’s right – I definitely said there was no MLM or 8 levels deep comp plan!
However, you CAN be an affiliate and earn $4 per completed lot. It’s just another great feature of the UZI strategy!

And that too is also so easy!
All you need to do is click your Profile in the dashboard and upgrade to Introducer. Don’t worry, that is also FREE! 🙂

Then if you have anyone you know that would like to also join you and take advantage of the great system you are now doing, just send them the Customer Registration Link in your new, now visible Partner Dashboard!

I wish you every success with the UZI FOREX strategy! I am super excited for it myself and am so glad I came across Robbie a while back and followed his journey to where we are today.

Smash it my friend!
Cam Abel


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